At Donsig Cones we offer a variety of waffle treats that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family.

We have carefully considered the many different aspects of waffles and how they can be enjoyed not only as a cone for your favourite frozen dessert but also as a bowl and wedge to compliment other dessert favorites. We feature three different waffle treats at Donsig Cones; our waffle cone, waffle wedge, and waffle premix. Ensuring that however you like your dessert a delicious waffle treat can always be incorporated.


Waffle Cone

There’s nothing like a classic waffle cone! Our special recipe waffle cone is the perfect way to serve and enjoy frozen yogurt or ice cream. A top seller at Donsig Cones we offer a wide range of sizes from mini to large to complement any appetite.

When making the Waffle cone our experienced employees follow very detailed steps from our treasured recipe.

Waffle Wedge

The waffle wedge is a great addition to any dessert and can also can also give any plate that decorative professional feel. From ice cream to cake, a waffle wedge is a perfect way to enhance any dessert by giving it that something extra.

Just like our waffle cone, our waffle wedge is crafted with the same care as all our other products. Starting with our waffle mix we carefully craft and mold the delicious wafer and then we cut the wedges to precisely the same size triangle.

Waffle Premix

Want to prepare waffles in front of your customer’s eyes? Our premixed waffle batter will be sure to do just that. Available in 10kg bags, with all the ingredients we include in our classic waffle product, Donsig Cones makes it easy for you to make the best-tasting waffles. With a mixture ratio of two part mix and one part water, we make it simple and easy!

Our treasured recipe that we use for all our waffle products uses precise measuring and high-quality ingredients. We combine all of our ingredients to make the waffle just as we would for our bakery but then stop right before adding water. Giving you the opportunity to make the waffle yourself and enjoy it right off the waffle iron!

Taking Care from Start to Finish

We take great care in packaging and transporting our products. Our bakery and delivery staff are very conscientious about handling all orders with extreme care to ensure that there is minimal breakage upon arriving at your facility. No matter the distance we make sure they survive the journey and are ready for you to serve to your clients.

Being Aware

At Donsig Cones we love our planet and our packaging reflects that. We are environmentally conscious and use no styrofoam containers or plastic spoons. We pride ourselves on our high level of consumer service.  It’s only the best for our clients.  Because of this we are also very aware of allergies and guarantee that all cones are made in a nut-free environment.